How it began

Our Story

Nice to e-meet you! I’m Tamsin Haley, a founder of Angel of Rock Productions. In 2022, I decided to write my own book. I set our a tight deadline of 3 and a half months to get my manuscript out of my head, and while I was busy writing, I started researching how I could get my book to the market. 

I contacted a few publishers to find out what that process would look like, and I didn’t hear back from a single one of them. The conclusion I can draw from this – I was unpublished and uninteresting.

This statement is so untrue! I believe that each of us have at least one book in us, and we deserve support to get the book to market. Angel of Rock Productions is here to do exactly that!

We’re looking for your work to help you create your book, and then take it successfully to market. My digital marketing agency Social Happiness and communications agency go4ward are here to help launch you into the market, so we have you looked after from all perspectives.

Contact us or submit your manuscript and let’s get started!

We're always looking for the next big idea

Is your manuscript ready to go, you just need help getting it to market? Submit your manuscripts here! Please send us maximum 2 chapters for us to take a look at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.